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ATTENTION: Registration for the conference is required: conference fee before June 1: € 20, conference fee after June 1: € 40. Invited speakers and students of the University of Vienna are exempt from the fee. Please see "Registration" for details.


Friday, June 20, 2014
University of Vienna (Aula, Campus Altes AKH, Spitalgasse 2, Hof 1)

9:00-10:15  Conference Opening and Welcome
Matthias Meyer (Dean of the Department of Philological and Cultural Studies)
Birgit Däwes (University of Vienna, American Studies)
Keynote Address:
Gerald Vizenor: “Literary Transmotion”

Coffee Break  

10:45-12:00"Chance Connections": Memory, Land, and Language
Kimberly Blaeser (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee):
"Vizenor and the Power of Transitive Memories"

David L. Moore (University of Montana):
"The Ground of Memory: Vizenor, Land, Language"

Lunch Break

13:45-15:00"Necessary Art": Storying, Transnational Theory, Trickster Poetics

A. Robert Lee (em., Nihon University):
"The Late Mr. Vizenor: Recent Storyings"

Alexandra Ganser (University of Vienna):
"Gerald Vizenor: Transnational Trickster of Theory"

Coffee Break

15:30-17:15 Postindian Sovereignty: Survivance, Irony, Influence
Karsten Fitz (University of Passau):
"Postindian Survivance as Analytical Framework in Native American Studies"

Allan J. Ryan (Carleton University Ottawa):
"Trickster Discourse in Narrative Chance: How Gerald Vizenor Helped Shape My Life in Academia"

Wanda Nanibush (Toronto):
"Postindian Anishinaabeg 'Sovereignty' in the Work of Gerald Vizenor"

18:00Reception by the Embassy of Canada



Saturday, June 21, 2014
University of Vienna (HS1 des Instituts für Finno-Ugristik, Campus Altes AKH, Spitalgasse 2, Hof 7)  

9:00-10:15 "Truth Games": History and Futurity I

Kathryn Shanley (University of Montana):
"Universal Peculiarities in Gerald Vizenor’s Heirs of Columbus and Shrouds of White Earth"

Chris LaLonde (SUNY Oswego):
"Jiibayag Ashegiiwe: Revenants, Gerald Vizenor, Odazhe-giiwenigon"

Coffee Break  

10:45-12:00"The Many Traces of Ironic Traditions": History and Futurity II
Sabine N. Meyer (University of Osnabrück):
"From Trail of Tears to Chair of Tears: Postmodern Negotiations of the Indian Removal"

Kristina Baudemann (University of Mainz):
"Ecstatic Vision, Blue Ravens, Wild Dreams: The Urgency of the Future in Gerald Vizenor's Art"

Lunch Break  

14:00-15:45   Beyond "Broken Bodies": Transmotion, Presence, and the Ruins of War

Klaus Lösch (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg):
"Otherness in Gerald Vizenor's Blue Ravens"

Billy J. Stratton (University of Denver):
"'Nothing more than the chance of remembrance': Gerald Vizenor and the Motion of Natural Reason in the Presence of War"

Cathy Waegner (University of Siegen):
"Gerald Vizenor’s Shimmering Birds in Dialog: (De-)Framing, Memory, and the Totemic in Favor of Crows and Blue Ravens"

Coffee Break  


16:30-17:30Conclusion and Roundtable
Indigenous Studies for the Twenty-First Century


Sunday, June 22, 2014
Leopold-Museum Wien, Museumsquartier (U2 MuseumsQuartier)  


10:00-12:00"Trotzdem Kunst!" Österreich 1914-1918
guided tour by the curator, Dr. Stefan Kutzenberger (registration required. Please contact Dr. Ganser about availability: alexandra.ganser@univie.ac.at)


Monday, June 23, 2014
Amerikahaus Vienna, Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 2 (U2 Rathaus)  

18:00 Blue Ravens and World War I               

Gerald Vizenor reads from his new historical novel
(followed by a reception hosted by the US Embassy Vienna) Individual registration required: programs@usembassy.at




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